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» Edastame FEI meeldetuletuse ponide mõõtmise ja kõrguste osas. Endiselt 148 ilma rautuseta ja 149 rautatud olekus!
30. mai 2008

RE: FEI Pony Measuring: Events for Pony Riders
Dear Secretary General,
As you are aware, obligatory measuring of all ponies will take place before the 2008
FEI CH-EU-P, Avenches (SUI). Measuring will be carried out per country and per discipline
on July 22nd, the same day as the Pony Inspection. All competitors entered for the CH-EUP
must, therefore, be on site by Monday July 21st at the latest. As per the rules, only
ponies measured within permitted heights will be allowed to start - regardless of whether
that pony was measured in at the 2007 FEI CH-EU-P or any other CIP in 2008 where on site
measurements took place.
Random measuring at CIPs will continue to be carried out during the year and each NF is
responsible for ensuring that the ponies they enter into international competition adhere to
the FEI definition of a pony: 148cm without shoes, 149cm with shoes.
The 2cm tolerance agreed to by NFs is only applied when measuring is carried out at
international events and therefore under competition conditions. As previously
communicated on numerous occasions, this margin of tolerance should not, under any
circumstances, be considered as a change to the defined height of a pony.
It has come to our attention, during recent measuring carried out at an international event,
that NFs are sending ponies to compete on the basis that they will pass given the 2cm
margin of tolerance and that an unfortunate number of parents/owners are under a false
impression as to the definition of a pony. The definition of a pony remains
unequivocally unchanged.
Ponies relying on the 2cm tolerance to pass the measuring run a high risk of measuring out
at competition. In order to avoid frustration and angst at events, NFs are once again
requested to ensure that only ponies measuring 148cm without shoes and 149cm with
shoes are entered at international events.
Ponies measuring over height will be marked as horses in the FEI database. NFs will be
requested to send the passport to the FEI where it will be modified accordingly and
returned. NFs will be informed in writing that this equine may no longer be entered in
international pony events.
We look forward to your close attention and co-operation in this matter, both of which are,
as always, greatly appreciated.
Nici Kennedy Lies De Backer
Deputy Director Veterinary Coordinator
Non-Olympic Sports Department

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