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29. mai 2009

25 07 2009 –26 07 2009 
Dargužių village,  Klaipėda d.
  1. Applications concerning the participation in the competition should be sent to us till the 10th of July 2009.
  2. The application forms will be found in the affixes.
  3. The start  fees (paid for one horse and once for both competition days at once, independently on the number of starts): 1 € = 3,4528 LTL;
                  Juniors (till 18 year old inclusive)           - 40 LTL for each horse;
                  Amateurs                                              - 80 LTL for each horse;
                  4 years old horse                                  - 50 LTL for each horse
                  5, 6 year old horse                                - 70 LTL for each horse;
                  7 year old and elder horses                   - 100 LTL for each horse.
Only those who paid the start fee will get the start number* for the horse without which he will not be able to participate!
The start fees you can pay only in the show secretary office, and only in cash.
* The start number is possible to buy at the place for the 16 LTL.
  1. The loosebox fee for all the competition days that includes the rent price of one loosebox + litter (sawdust) + water. The presentation of the horses is guaranteed from 24th July 3.00 PM. (no allowance to come evening on 23th July) , it is necessary to leave on 27 of July 12.00 AM. The feed should be brought by the participants on their own.
Loosebox fees: - for Lithuanian and foreign riders 70 EUR = 240 LTL (VAT 19% is included)
The looseboxes will be provided only for those who supplied the applications on time and paid the loosebox fee up till 15th of July. The fee should be paid to (the name of horse should be written in payment documents):
                                          VAT code: LT100000463319
                                          Address: Darguziai village, Klaipeda district
                                                AB Bankas „DnB NORD“, Vilnius, Lithuania.
SWIFT: AGBL LT2X, at Deutsch bank AG Frankfurt/Main,
                                                SWIFT:DEUT DE FF,
For further credit to: Jurgio Lenarto ūkininko ūkis, 
account: No.LT324010042300077871
            We will write the invoices in accordance with your provided information after the payment.
  1. Catering: All Lithuanian and foreign sportsmen will have 50% discount at the riders’ café. Tea and coffee-for free.
6.   Guests invited:Latvian, Estonian, German, Finland, Poland, Ukrainian and Russian teams.
The number of foreign horses and riders is unlimited if the applications are provided and payments are paid on time.
  1. Accommodation: Foreign and Lithuanian sportsmen, owners of horses, coaches and others participants can choose accommodation in the hotels, reserving the rooms in advance by themselves. Payment is on your own expenses (some of the hotels will apply special price for the participants of the event. When making a reservation, please, apply as a participant of the event):
a)      “Vyturys” hotel in Palanga.
“Vyturys” is a comfortable two stars hotel near the botanic park of Palanga. There are single rooms, double rooms and three place rooms - to 160 LTL.
Address: S. Dariaus ir S. Gireno 20, Tel.: +370 460 49147.
b)      “Zilvinas” hotel in Palanga.
“Zilvinas” is a three stars hotel complex located in the town center, only 30 meter from the sea with 41 de-Luxe rooms.
Price for one person (breakfast included) - from 85 LTL to 220 LTL.
Address: Kestucio str. 20, tel. +370 460 49146.
c)      Four stars “Klaipeda” hotel in the city center – about 10 km. from the competition field.
The largest hotel of the seaside “Klaipeda” invites you to enjoy the unique panorama of the city opening from the hotel windows. At your service - 307 single, double and de-luxe class rooms and “Royal” apartments. There are shower or bath and WC, satellite TV, telephone, mini-bar, a hair-dryer and an internet in each room of the hotel. A discount of 50 percent is given on accommodation up till May 2007.
Other services:
Sport complex “Central Gym” with 22 m of length swimming pool, fitness halls and a solarium studio.
“VIVALAVITA” cocktail bar and an exotic dishes restaurant in 70 m height.
“LIVONIA” – bear restaurant.
“HONOLULU” bowling, “HONOLULU” night club
Bank machine, deposit safes, car rent, parking-lot and souvenir shop.
Price for one person (breakfast included) - from 280 LTL.
Address: Naujoji sodo str. 1, Klaipeda, tel. +370 46 404 372.
d)  Four star hotel EUROPA ROYALE KLAIPEDAis established in a thoroughly reconstructed nineteenth century building, already for more than 100 years was accommodating hotel guests. EUROPA ROYALE KLAIPEDA hotel is located in the old part of the seaport with windows overlooking embankment of the river DANE and Klaipeda old town area with its romantic sights.
All hotel’s 50 guest rooms, including 7 exclusive suites and 8 elegant Deluxe rooms reflect the quiet charm of seacoast. Elegant hotel restaurant San Marino provides a wide range of European dishes. For light snacks and refreshments, hotel warmly welcomes to the hotel Bar.
Prices: Standard room (1 pox/ 2pax) 90 EURO / 100 EURO
            Deluxe room (1 pox /2 pox) 120 EURO / 140 EURO
            Suites                               160 EURO
            Address: Zveju 21 / Teatro 1, LT-9124 Klaipeda, Lithuania, tel. +370 46 404444
e) “Aivaro Eidino sodyba“ is established approx. 2 km from the place of the event. The motel has 20 rooms (3 beds in each room) - Price for one person (breakfast not included) - 30Lt + VAT, if making the reservation for all the rooms -1200 Lt + VAT. Tel.: +370 676 11226;
f)„Karklės kopos“ is established approx. 2 km from the place of the event as well. Price for one person from 70 Lt to 180 Lt. Tel.: +370 687 49456;
8.Transport is not organized for the participants and they have to take care about it on their own.
9.Veterinarian requirements:
On Friday 6.00-8.00 PM and on Saturday 7.00-9.00 AM the veterinarian-mandate board is necessary.
Horses should have right international or national passports.
      Flu vaccination should be valid in accordance with veterinarian requirements; it is vaccinated once per half a year. For the horses coming from EU request to have passport and ANNEX B Health information , sign by official veterinarian. ANNEX B find edit .Horses coming from third country’s , all documents like to international competition must have. Blood test must be performed in accordance with veterinary order, which is valid in Lithuania (the horses must be tested in point of 3 illnesses).
  1. Responsibility
The Organizing Committee and the commissioners will not accept any type of responsibility for material or physical damage, accident or illness witch may occur to owners, competitors or grooms, in any circumstance within or out of the competition grounds before, during or after competition. Damage to horses, coaches, saddler, stable attachment and other property (including stealing and loss) will not fall under responsibility of the Organizing Committee. We recommend that the insurance would be sleeked individually.
11. Insurance
All owners and competitors are personally responsible for damages to third persons caused by themselves, their employees, their agents or their horses. They are therefore strongly advised to take out third-party insurance providing full coverage for participation in equestrian events in-country and abroad, and keep the policy up to date.
  1. Awards and other conditions
In the individual events participants will be awarded in accordance with approved competition rules and programme.
I.  In the individual events 6 prize places are awarded (as pointed in the programme). In case of less number of prizemen the undivided prize fund remains at organizing committee disposal. In Mayor Cup of Klaipeda city 8 prize places are awarded (as pointed in the programme).
II. Foreign riders may participate in every event and fight only for the awards of concrete event. 8 foreign duets in each age group of horses that collected most of points summing the young horse’s competition results of both competition days is whiting its right to start in the final show jumping of a young horse. Finalists will be announced during the banquet.
III. CLHBA adults’ horses’ champion (only Lithuanian riders) is set summing the points of two show jumping classes of two days CLHBA championship program. The winner and prizemen will be awarded by the medals. The owner of CLHBA horse-winner – gold medal. CLHBA champion will be awarded by the bonus of 1000LTL. The breeder of CLHBA horse-winner will be awarded by a special prize.
IV. CLHBA young horse champion - each age groups of horses – (only among Lithuanian riders) “horses style” final showjumping winner. The winners and prizemen will be awarded by the medals. The owner of CLHBA horse-winner – gold medal. CLHBA champion (in each age group of young horse) will be awarded by the bonuses of 500 Lt. (Totally 1500Lt). The breeder of horse-winner of each horse age group will be awarded by the special prize.
V. Junior (till 18 year old inclusive) and CLHBA champions’ groups and prizemen of amateurs are awarded by the medals. The owner of CLHBA horse-winner (each group) – gold medal. Group champions are awarded by bonuses of 500 LTL. The breeder of horse-winner of each group will be awarded by the special prize.
VI. The prize fund of all the competition is 34.500  LTL.
Chairman of organizing committee,
Laimondas Skerys
THE COMPETITION PROGRAM will be found in our internet site
Tel: +370 699 29065
Tel/fax : + 370 46 463 030        

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